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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Everyone's Losing It Over This Woman's Incredible Underwater Maternity Shoot

Maternity shoots continue getting crazier, and we adore it. This most recent illustration will be difficult to best: a lady named Keshona Miles tweeted a photograph of her close relative Jasmine's maternity shoot in June, and it turned into a web sensation since, well, simply take a gander at it:

Jasmine took the intensity for submerged maternity shoots, sprinkled in some Beyoncรฉ inspo, included a sexual orientation uncover, and got her life partner Marcus to hunch submerged with her. This is eager mother objectives. 

At first the general population reacting to Miles' tweet didn't understand what number of layers to this picture there were to chime back:

But don't worry, if someone challenge's Beyoncรฉ's crown, a fan steps in quick:

The vast majority are recently completely overwhelmed by the exertion Jasmine and Marcus put into their shoot. BuzzFeed News addressed Jasmine, and she said she'd closed down her Twitter account, however revived it when she got some answers concerning the reaction her niece's tweet was getting. 

"I had never in life seen a reaction to something that my life partner and I considered so 'typical'," she said. 

Approve, this photograph is awesome, however it's not "ordinary." That's the reason it's extraordinary!

Jasmine reposted the image to her own account as well, and answered a few questions on Miles's thread, saying she and Marcus were underwater for 5.5 hours and that the blue was intended to express they were having a boy.

But we still haven't heard much from Marcus for some reason....

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